Jio's 'Happy New Year 2019' offer 12 Months Free data 2GB per day

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Regarding extension of what jio had done it was expected right everybody when they launched offers that get extended for a while. Expectations that jio will be going to offer 12 months more free services in this new year 2019. This is unprecedented having a new entrant in the telecom sector and suffering about 12 months of free services. I don't think it has ever happened in any other part of the world and this is a negative outlook on the set, and we believe that you know such fierce competition in the next 12 months is going to affect many other telecom companies. This new year 2019 jio offer is a better offer, and that's why it may see good traction. I think this offer was also a necessity for Reliance jio because they want to offer more people their service with some time to streamline their Network. They also want to achieve more than 100 million subscribers that are profitable in these operations given by them. When they start charging for it at the end of the year 2019, there will be some dropout to those subscribers who are using it as a second sim currently. There will be some drop out because at that point of time consumer will decide how much they are willing to pay for the same kind of services to jio or the other companies like Airtel, Vodafone or idea. As long as it is free minutes that that's why jio has been gaining high subscribers, they've already reached about 120 million subscribers, and I think the growth will be significant till the end of March. Jio takes away so fastly that other companies are looking in for the congestion which is happened in a lot of years because of which the experience has not been code. So jio wants to solve, and they agreed to that fact that in this new year 2019 the second new jio sim will also have number portability because a lot of users were concerned for their number portability that would happen very soon in the year 2019. It happened earlier also with the existing sim card that they have also clarified in the year 2018.

Jio Happy New Year 2019 Offer: 2GB Data Per Day Plans to Get Free

Now a lot more people would come to jio and who still reluctant to change their numbers. Already people have two numbers, a lot of people have two numbers so they do convert one number which may not very frequently use into Reliance GSM and that will lead to growth for reliance jio in the new year 2019. Many subscribers have been using jio as a second sim, and they will continue to do that till the end of March 2020 and with this the income that telecom would double from December to March quarter. I think the data growth will slow down for them given the data growth is happening on the Reliance 4G network, and I think Jio gave you more data-centric network.
When they start charging at the end of the March 2020, I think consumer will decide that their monthly Telecom spend wishes period on an average is about 100 rupees for a blended revenue or less.  Per-user will decide at that point of time whether they will like to stick with jio or go with Airtel. If you compare the tariff plans which has been launched by jio, it is at least 15 to 20% less than the existing tariffs offered by other telecom companies like Airtel. Especially for GB tariff is is cheaper because I think the average cost per GB for jio comes out to be about 65 to 70 levels while it's 80 at the top. End of the year 2018 will bring so many packages, so they are making subscribers on to the usage of more data consumption and hoping that the average data consumption which is very low at 1GB per user per month right now, is going to increase to about 3 GB. So I think that those who are going to see jio in future as far as you know the large be the last time when we saw this open in December.

Reliance Jio announces new year surprise offer with benefits

Reliance jio on new year's eve is trying to give you better offers on data especially focused on the stickiness of the customer with this next 12 months offer of the new year 2019. Also, expect jio also to start to cut the data prices of probably till the end of March. And then they will decide to think the data prices are already following and we expect that the data prices will further fall by 15 to 20% in the next 12 months. Many competition and reaction to this kind of offer are concerned, the income intercourse can't react to it because it's free right. In India how much can you discount your existing tariffs when something is already free, so I think they will offer you some more plans, to know to wait for the jio to start charging their customers and wait for slightly cheaper rates in the new year 2019. The data growth will significantly grow from here on so far is the data volume, which more than of sets the data price declines. I think it is going to be positive for the income of jio subscribers. There will be a lot of plan in short regarding jio sim for the next 12 months.
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Jio experience is far better than some other companies as a lot of people would tend to stay with jio again even after March. I think you will have to look at the experience because their network is currently dominating and more than 100 million subscribers are using it, and also data consumption is very high. They do have a large network capacity, and the real test of the User experience will come when you have good quality for the user. More than a hundred million subscribers will start paying for it and subscriber won't mind poor quality as long as it is free but they will be really sensitive to a poor quality when they are paying for the usage so I think in the medium term jio will have to look at the quality and user experience. Incremental market share for Reliance jio after March do have network advantage as jio has the ownership on the 80815 megahertz which is a very very efficient spectrum as compared to Airtel Bharti Mittal to compete in that segment. Airtel has about 40% ownership on the 900 megahertz spectrum only, and they also don't have sufficient spectrum assets after they have recently acquired spectrum in the auction and they have done a couple of deals with Aircel and Videocon to acquire more spectrum. I think reliance jio will pay some challenges to Idea and Reliance Communication. The idea doesn't have a 4G network in India spectrum assets as compared to Reliance Communication which is in the process of merging its wireless operation for their cell also.
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