20+ New Year Resolutions Ideas 2019 For Kids, Students & Adults

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Each person has some resolutions in every year. But the main thing is, no one sticks to those resolutions. Because of their busy schedule in every day life. But for children it is different. If they put focus on anything they can concentrate on it completely. The New Year is approaching. Let’s help to your children for making some New Year resolutions. Put some ideas in our children mind for this New Year. Apart from this today, I am sharing some 20+ New Year Resolutions Ideas For Kids.

Resolution is the main thing which everyone applies on to themselves in every New Year. They will decide what rules they have to follow in the coming year. And with that resolutions, they will start their New Year. New Year has a few days away. Let’s prepare your resolutions, it’s not as an easy task. Preparing resolutions for the whole year and stick to them. Resolutions should not be fun only it also takes a change in our life.
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New Year Resolutions For Students 2019 

If children have some resolutions they definitely stick to those resolutions. A change came to their life for future. Following are the New Year Resolutions Ideas For Kids. Let’s check out this and share it.

Learn New Things

There are a lot of things in the world. Day by day the technology is changed. Learning a New Thing gives knowledge. Having some knowledge is equal to a person having a degree certificate. A lot of ways are there to learn about politics, technology, science, history, etc.. Go through your interest and try to learn every single point about a particular topic. It helps to be a gem in your education.

Improve Education

The field which you select in the education is very important to make your future. Education is not only easy for every student. But by trying it gets simple. For the 1st standard child, it is difficult of learning A, B, C, D… For Engineering student preparing projects is difficult. They never give up of learning, if they give up they will not go to engineering. They will stop their education at the 1st standard itself. Try to improve your confidence levels and improve your skills on education.
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Stop Eating Junk Food

For living a long life and achieve your goals first you have to be healthy. Avoid junk food for your health conscious.

Start Exercising

Exercise is good for health, It fits our body into a perfect shape. Increases the confidence level in our mind. It always gives freshness to our mind. And also increases our lifetime, and avoid diseases. Increase the Immunity power in our body.

New year's resolution list

Help Mom

After your school time, help to your mom. It will increase the love and affection between your relation. She tells everything to you, how to you have to be in your future. What you have to do etc..

Using Grounds

Don’t spend your full time on TV. Spend your time on grounds with your friends. Sports are very important to your body. You have to build your body strongly in the childhood itself.

Set Goals

Apart from the education everyone has some interest in any field. Like Dance, Singing, Painting, Architecture, etc.. Spend some time in a day on your interest. Then  it will be a passion for your life. And give relaxation in any critical situation to your mind.

Always Have Fun

Be a good child and at the same time be a naughty child by your actions. Have fun every day in your home. Keep smiling.


Keep everything clean in your surroundings. Use to keep your own things neatly. It will help you having good health.

Give Up Your Laziness

Do your homework every day. Go to bed early. Wake up early in the morning. Brush up on your own. Eat all your food neatly. Go to school in the time.

Friendly Nature

Have this strength. Move friendly with your school mates and bench mates. Be a good friend to your bench mates.

New year resolutions quotes

Adopt a New Hobby

Adopt a new hobby that you have had never before. Keep it with you for this year.

New Year Resolutions Ideas For Kids- Students

For students the resolutions are different.

 Go For Proper Shape

Nowadays youngsters are always looking for going out with buddies and having some junk food. They are not maintaining good health. On this New Year make a resolution that you will do proper exercise for maintaining a perfect body shape and balancing a good health.

 Be Confident

If you are college students then some of the students have stage fear. Then make a resolution this year. “I can build confidence in myself and chase the fear. I can  improve my communication skills and communicate with my colleagues without any fear.

Quit Drinking And Smoking

If you are addicted to Drink and Smoke, then make a resolution this year that you are quitting the smoking and drinking. Make a change in your life.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Social Media

Nowadays everyone wastes their precious time on social media. Make a resolution this year that you are spending some real time with your friends and family. And helping to your mom and dad in their work.

Be Ambitious

Make this resolution having an Aim. It will help you to achieve something in your life. And improve your Confidence to reach your destination.


Make some resolutions this year. Those resolutions get a change in your life. I hope all of you love this article. Share it with your friends and family members. Stay tuned for more updates.
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