Kissing At Midnight On New Year Eve 2019 | Midnight Kiss Tradition

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As the clock hits the 12 o’ clock at December 31st midnight. Many of us lean in for the New Year eve kiss. It’s also one of the ways of greeting.  Maybe with a significant other, who never you are locking with, you are making a new path with them. Kissing At Midnight On New Year Eve is an old tradition. Here I am sharing origin and history if this tradition. When the clock strike and the ball drop in Times Square. That is the perfect time to learn to kiss your beloved one. The popular superstition dictates, Kissing at midnight on New Year Eve will give a year of luck.

Kissing At Midnight On New Year Eve - Tradition & History

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Let’s check out the history of 8th century BC. When the ever-frisky ancient Romans worship for Saturn God. He was an agricultural god. Ancient Romans held the festival of Saturnalia in mid-December. Naturally, his festival got pretty serious with widespread of social norms. Like lavish feasts for slaves, more freedom fro women, etc.. Roman Philosopher Seneca described festivities in a letter to a friend. He wrote, ” Loose reins are given to public dissipation”. Which is ” Dude come over there are naked people in my lawn”. Later Scholars believe a midnight kiss was a part of the Saturnalia Celebrations.
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Why do we kiss at midnight on New Year’s eve?

Roman’s have had a lasting impact on romantic modern traditions. Still, we celebrate the festive of Saturnalia on New Year day.
To scare off the evil spirits: Put one mask on face at midnight remove it and banish evil spirits with a make-out sesh.
Kissing at midnight will give a year of luck
No kiss = forever alone
Sharing anything with your loved one, romantically. It’s a perfect excuse to celebrate New Year midnight kiss. It will be fun also.
Kissing At Midnight On New Year Eve- Origin

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Till now you already have to figure out for New Year origin. It’s from Ancient Romans. Who celebrate a big party every New Year’s eve called the Saturnalia where they kiss each other.

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Later on, Germans and English celebrate it. When the clock strikes to 12 o’ clock they celebrate by kissing the first person they met on that midnight. Europeans has also had this culture by wearing masked balls on New Year ‘s eve. For this mask, there is a story. These masks are symbolized of evil spirits from the old year. Kissing is a purification for that by removing that mask on midnight  of New Year eve. It’s also a proposing act for lovers on New Year’s eve. Let’s make these celebrations grandly with your loved one.

It’s also the meaning of strengthening your bond for the next year with your loved one with this romantic kiss on New Year eve. The New Year kiss is also popularized in silver screen films.

Conclusion: Don’t waste your New Kiss, celebrate it with your loved one. The year’s come and go but with this tradition make it as a memorable one in your life. A very Happy New Year to you. Stay tuned for more updates.
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