Happy New Year Celebrations Around The World 2019

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New Year is the one of the famous event celebrated all over the world on the same day but in different timings. Happy New Year Celebrations Around the World 2019 is coming soon. People around the world celebrate this event with their passion. Entire the world will welcome to the new year 2019. Almost everywhere in the world the crackers, bells in church start ringing at 12 o’clock on December’s 31st night. The cities roads are occupied by the people, they start shouting when the clock reaches to 12 o’clock.  In these days the entire world is running with social media, across the world start searching for new year wishing messages in the websites. To share with friends and family members, and to put as a status in social media.
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Happy New Year Celebrations Around The World 2019-Chinese New Year

Chinese conduct different performances on December night, and when the time reaches to 12 o’clock they start to give poses for the camera. Children in China start their new year by wearing new dresses. China people carry lanterns and join in the parade led by a silk dragon. In China, people throw firecrackers to keep the dragon awake. Because  according to legend, the dragon hibernates most of the year.


As per calendar of china each of the 12 years named after an animal. When the lord Buddha stayed in China, he asked all the animals to come before he dies. Only 12 animals came to him. Then Buddha gives them a reward, i.e., he named after a year of each one.

Happy New Year Celebrations Around The World 2019-Bangkok, Thailand New Year

Thousands of people attend the event in ‘The Bangkok Light of Happiness’. Te Bangkok Metropolitan Administrations celebrated this new year, at LAN K hon Muang in front of the City Hall in Bangkok, Thailand on December 31, 2019. The Devotees light up the candle for pray the lord Buddha, to celebrate the new year 2019 at Buddhist temple.

At Songkran, to show their respect people tie strings around their wrists. The ties will be not be removed until it falls off naturally.  Young people throw water at each other for having fun.

Happy New Year Celebrations Around The World 2019- India

In India, there are different religion people, someone celebrates it in Church, someone in temples. Youth enjoy this festival, with their friends and family members, by wishes, hugs, parties, performances.

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